Monday, 13 April 2015

Acrylic render

Acrylic modified renders have been developed to such a high standard in recent years that they are now far more common than sand and cement render. Acrylic render is applied from 2-10mm and has superior adhesion qualities than sand and cement. Acrylic render also has the ability to adhere to multiple substrates including brick, polystyrene, cement sheet and Hebel to name a few. An advantage is that acrylic render is pre bagged which removes any inconsistencies in the mix. 
The different finishes are vast, from sponged finished oxides to polished concrete effect. The most common finish is then applying acrylic texture over the base coat of acrylic render, which can be tinted to just about any colour you might want on your house.
Below are some photos of a club house that was originally a mix of smooth render and stucco/rough cast which had a coat of paint. This meant that it required us to use an acrylic render that has extra polymer/glue to adhere to the painted surface then once it was troweled up and flattened off we were able to apply an acrylic texture ( colour matched to a sample). The end product was a transformed building that looked sharp and modern!

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